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Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Letters Are Making a Difference

One of the most direct ways of impacting an elected official’s viewpoints is through a letter writing campaign, particularly if this communication comes directly from their constituents. Government officials, particularly legislators, are becoming increasingly responsive and rely on your feedback in their decision making process. The more letters they receive on a particular issue, the more important this matter becomes.

This has been the case with the campaign for a National Nurse for Public Health. Recently, leaders and advocacy team members have received feedback that their letters were received.

Rep. Peter Welch (VT) wrote to NNNO Advocacy Team Member June Schulte, “You do the hard work. Thank you. Glad to co-sponsor H.R. 379”.

A supporter from Menlo Park received a personal letter from Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA) who said, “Thank you for taking the time to contact me about H.R. 379, the National Nurse Act of 2015. I welcome your thoughts on this legislation and I appreciate you meeting with my staff in the past. Once again, I’m proud to co sponsor this legislation. H.R. 379 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which I’m a member of. I will continue to do everything I can to see that this important bill is signed into law.”

Rep. Greg Walden (OR) thanked NFN President Stephen Rooney saying, “Thank you Thank you for contacting me about the National Nurse Act of 2015 (H.R. 379). I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this issue. I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this common sense legislation. H.R. 379 was referred to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. I am not a member of this subcommittee but will fully support this legislation should it come before me in the full Energy and Commerce Committee or in the full U.S. House.”

The National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO) has put together several template letters that can be easily edited to send off to your U.S. Representative and Senators. Below is an example, but please do email the NNNO Board for tips and suggestions, as well as an email address that is best to send your letter to. We are here to help!

Dear _____,

I want to begin by thanking Representative ______ for his/her leadership and service on behalf of his constituents here in (Your City). I am the (one sentence about yourself). I am writing today to request co sponsorship for HR 379, The National Nurse Act of 2015, legislation that is very important to nurses in (Your State) and the health of our state. I have been involved for decades in the struggle to improve health and reducing costs to our healthcare system by promoting preventive care. I believe the National Nurse Act of 2015 would be an important step forward in that effort.

We know that nurses are the most trusted and respected healthcare providers in America. By designating the existing position of the Chief Nurse Officer as the National Nurse for Public Health, we would be taking advantage of that status to help focus attention and educate the public on how to improve their health status. We would also be elevating the profession of nursing at a moment when the role of nurses in the healthcare system is becoming increasingly important.

As a national advocate for nursing actions to champion public health in our communities, a key role of the National Nurse for Public Health would be to encourage nurses and all health professionals to work within successful health promotion programs, increasing public safety and emergency preparedness.

I hope that Representative ______ agrees to the importance of H.R. 379 and will soon sign on as a co-sponsor.

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your response.

Name, Credentials


Phone Number

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, April 27, 2015  

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