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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Visit Your US Representative and Senators

From coast to coast, supporters of the National Nurse Act are taking advantage of opportunities to meet directly with their own elected officials in their district (home) offices to express their support for the National Nurse Act of 2015. Congress is frequently in recess and this is an ideal time to make an appointment to speak directly with your U.S. Representative or Senator to request their co sponsorship for H.R. 379 / S. 1205. Personal contact from a constituent is the most effective way of advocating for a cause. Visit the Take Action page on the National Nurse website for helpful tips and a website to find out the locations of your member’s district offices.

The NNNO has talking points and informational materials that can be easily downloaded from your home computer. Please contact the NNNO Board once your appointment has been scheduled. We are here to help and can provide you with packet materials to help make your visits comfortable and successful.

Nurses are trusted, credible messengers and we have a voice in making change. We have the power to contribute to improving the health of all people. Joining this effort is a direct way to do this and refresh your excitement for your profession. Let those who represent you know you want to see preventive health services delivered to every American by the most trusted health service providers-Nurses!

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Tuesday, September 22, 2015  

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