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Monday, December 07, 2015

WVNA Quarterly Newsletter Features National Nurse Act

Thank you to the West Virginia Nurse’s Association Organization or publication for including a story, "H.R. 379 / S. 1205 National Nurse Act of 2015 Gaining Traction in Congress", in their Fall Quarterly newsletter. Involving more nurses is key to reducing the high cost of care related to the chronic conditions that are largely preventable. The recent datagraphic in Focus on Obesity, featured in the November 2015 issue of Health Affairs, underscores the current obesity epidemic, a primary contributing risk factor of these conditions. Over one-third of adults and one-sixth of youth in the United States suffer from obesity. The National Nurse Act of 2015 offers a new initiative, raising the visibility of the Chief Nurse Officer who works alongside the Surgeon General. Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy has put out a call to action to promote walking and walkable communities via a “Step It Up Campaign”. The success of this campaign is dependent on participation, and having a National Nurse for Public Health would further inspire the nation’s 3.1 million nurses to become involved.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, December 07, 2015  

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