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Monday, August 21, 2017

Congressional Office Visits Prove to Be Successful

One of the most persuasive forms of lobbying is a face-to-face meeting with your elected officials or her/his staff about the issue at stake, why you are passionate about the issue, and the position you’d like your member of Congress to take. It is for this reason that supporters of the National Nurse Act are taking this step. With the support provided by the NNNO, these activists found their visits to be empowering. Nurses are trusted, credible messengers and this is true even when speaking with elected officials and their staff.

NNNO Advocacy Team Member Dr. Nicole Barnett, RN, MBA, DHSc dropped a packet of information about H.R. 1651 to the district office of Congressman John Garamendi (CA-3-D). After following up with an email, Nicole received word that “Congressman Garamendi is now an enthusiastic co-sponsor for this important legislation” signing on June 20th.

Alice Huang, RN, BSN; Jael Davis Field Representative for Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ-6-D); and NJAPHNA Co-President Deborah Gash, MS, RNd

Last month, a team of public health nurses led by New Jersey Association of Public Health Nurse Administrators (NJAPHNA) Co-President Deborah Gash MS, RN met with Jael Davis, a staffer with Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-6-D). Earlier this Spring, NNNO Advocacy team member Leslie Leonard BSN, RN, PHN collected dozens of signatures on a sign on letter urging Congressman Pallone, the ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, to advocate for a hearing for the National Nurse Act. As frontline workers in New Jersey public health settings, they wanted Congressman Pallone to know how strongly they support this bill.

Cathy Lodico RN, MS, CCM and Meredith Shevitz, Special Assistant for Policy and Project-Office of Senator Maggie Hassan (NH-D)

On Wednesday June 21st, NNNO Advocacy Team member Cathy Lodico RN, MS, CCM met at the headquarters of New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan to discuss co-sponsorship of the National Nurse Act. Cathy spent time educating Senator Hassan’s assistant, Meredith Shevitz about this bill, including explaining how a National Nurse for Public would benefit the citizens of their state.

Cathy also took the opportunity to share a poster board on H.R. 1651 / S. 1106 The National Nurse Act at CMSA’s 27th Annual Conference and Expo held in Austin, Texas June 26-30.

Mike Asmus (District Director for Rep Lamar Smith TX-21); Joan Westgor RN, MSN, CCM (Public Policy Liaison for the Alamo Chapter of CMSA (ACCMSA) and NNNO Advisory Board member); Daniel Blasini, RN-BC, BSN (Member of ACCMSA)

Members of the Alamo Chapter of CMSA (ACCMSA), led by NNNO Advocacy Team member Joan Westgor, visited four Congressional district offices in Texas, including Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21-R) to advocate for the National Nurse Act. Joan and her colleagues were pleased that their visit with Congressman Will Hurd’s staff resulted in him becoming the 40th co-sponsor of this bill.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, August 21, 2017  

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