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Monday, September 04, 2017

CMSA Leaders Visit U.S. Representative District Offices

Supporters of H.R. 1651 The National Nurse Act of 2017 are heeding the call to take action by making appointments in their U.S. Representative’s district office. There are many others who are making plans to make these important visits beyond those mentioned in this newsletter.

The National Nursing Network Organization has compiled easy instructions to help ensure their success. Please email the NNNO Board for tips and important materials that can be printed and compiled into an informational packet to leave behind with the staffer or member you meet with.

Pictured: Debbie Hostetler RN, CCM and Jennifer Bagi

Thank you to Debbie Hostetler RN, CCM who lives in the 5th Congressional District in Indiana. Debbie visited with Jennifer Bagi, Political Director and Staff Assistant to Rep. Susan Brooks (IN-5-R). Debbie has been a long-time advocate for the National Nurse Act and believes this legislation is a common sense, cost-neutral solution to raising the awareness of the importance of prevention. It’s time to pass this bill!

Pictured: Chad Dillon, Constituent Service Representative, Elizabeth “Liz” Nicka, and Sharon Rubick BSN, RN, CCM

Thank you to CMSA Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids members Elizabeth Nicka RN, COHN and Sharon Rubick BSN, RN, CCM for their unwavering support for the National Nurse Act. During a recent chapter meeting Liz and Sharon collected dozens of signatures from constituents of Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6-R) and then took the time to deliver these to Chad Dillon in their district office. Their request to Mr. Dillon was to urge Rep. Upton to sign on to H.R. 1651 as a co-sponsor.

Pictured: Joan Westgor MSN, RN and Jessica Guerra

Meanwhile, down in the Lone Star State, Joan Westgor MSN, RN, CCM took time out of her schedule and paid a visit to the office of Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23-R). Joan met with Jessica Guerra, Field Representative for the Congressman. Joan is a very active member of the San Antonio CMSA Chapter and she also serves on the NNNO Advocacy Team.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, September 04, 2017  

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