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Monday, September 18, 2017

NNNO’s Advocacy Team Grows in Numbers and Diversity

The National Nursing Network Organization is a grassroots non-profit advocacy organization comprised entirely of volunteers. Our all-volunteer Advocacy Team boasts 65 members with diverse backgrounds in education, culture, professional experience, gender and residence. Advocacy team members hail from 24 states to represent the broad bipartisan support for a National Nurse for Public Health. Team members’ areas of nursing professional practice include nursing education, critical care, leadership, public health, case management, and more. In additional to nursing professionals, the team is strengthened by the presence of one state representative and one state senator, as well as scientists, educators and labor professionals. Our Advocacy Team members mobilize support for a National Nurse on the ground: from writing letters, to speaking with local elected officials, to networking within professional organizations. We can’t thank the team enough for all that they do.

Contact the NNNO Board to learn more about joining the Advocacy Team. There is no cost to participate. Involvement provides a unique opportunity to advocate for public health, engage in positive social change and participate in our nation’s legislative process.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Monday, September 18, 2017  

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