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Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Reflections

This past year brought significant change to the National Nursing Network Organization. THANK YOU to the hundreds of you who have spent countless hours providing us with advice, expertise, and support over the past 12 months and beyond.

We welcomed new Board members Ruth Amos JD, RN; Edie Brous MSN, PHN, JD, RN; and Susan Sullivan MSN, PHN. With the help of a supporter, we were able to provide a You Tube video to help make the case for an Office of the National Nurse. Thank you to Portland Community College who assisted with the production of a video stream from the national teleconference we presented at. At the suggestion of a reader, we added an About Us webpage . Another nurse wrote to us and requested new graphic designs for the National Nurse merchandise found at Cafe Press , and with the help of Kindra Scanlon a pre-nursing student and graphic artist, we were able to grant this request.

We were able to send out one to two newsletters each month and you are encouraged to send your email to Teri. to receive these updates. Several of you sent us cash donations and we appreciate this support to help maintain our website, mailing list, and travels to educate others about the ONN proposal . In March 2007 we traveled to Washington DC and met with several members of Congress, their staff, and also with those who serve in the USPHS.

For anyone who wishes to take a trip down memory lane, click on the archived months of 2007 at to follow our journey.

Individuals, state, and national organizations endorsing the current initiative to establish an Office of the National Nurse include:
American Association of Women in Community Colleges
American Federation of Teachers-National
American Federation of Teachers – HealthCare Northwest
American Federation of Teachers-Oregon
American Holistic Nurses Association
Anne Lewellyn RN.C BHSA CCM CRRN Dorland Healthcare Information, Editor in Chief
Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC)
Barbara Ficarra RN BSN MPA Host/Health in 30
California Association for Nurse Practitioners
California School Nurses Organization
Center for Nursing Advocacy
Channel Island Chapter – Oncology Nurses Society
Democracy for America
Democratic Party of Oregon
Democratic Party of Iowa
Dennis Smith-Chairman and CEO First Responders Financial LLC
Editorial of support-RN Magazine Jan 2006
Exceptional Nurse (Non-profit organization dedicated to nurses with disabilities)
Florida Nurse Practitioner Network
Food Front Grocery Co-op - Portland, Oregon
Governor Barbara Roberts (OR)
Jane Jeffrie Seley NP CDE Diabetes Nurse Practitioner
National Association of Independent Nurses
New Jersey Student Nurses Association
New York State Assembly
Nightingale Initiative for Global Health
Northeast Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association
OR Manager Inc. –Editorial and endorsement of support
Oregon Student Nurses Association
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Public Employee Federation- AFL-CIO
Santa Clara County Chapter Health Care for All
State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (NY) Original Sponsor K367
Thom Hartmann-Author and Progressive Talk Radio Show Host
Over 2,400 signers at

Our board members traveled to Santa Barbara (California), Portland (Oregon) Baltimore (Maryland), Atlanta (Georgia) and San Diego (California) to present the Office of the National Initiative. Here a list of presentations that we gave during 2007.

Channel Island Chapter of Oncology Nurses Society – January 2007
Oregon Student Nursing Association Convention – February 2007
OR Health and Science University – May 2007
National Teleconference with Holyoke Community College (MA), Mt. Wachusett Community College (MA), Palomar Community College (CA), Portland Community College (OR), Santa Barbara Community College (CA) – May 2007
9th Annual NW Nursing Education Institute – June 2007
AORN Chapter 2112 Baltimore, MD – June 2007
OR Nurses Association Health Policy Cabinet – July 2007
National Black Nurses Association Annual Convention – July 2007
Emergency Nurses Association California State Council Meeting – August 2007

“Office of the National Nurse-Leadership for a New Era of Prevention” by Mills and Schneider was published in the February 2007 issue and it still remains number 21 out of the most read articles in Policy, Politics, and Nursing Practice.

Additional articles published about the Office of the National Nurse in 2007 include:
About Health and Fitness
ADVANCE mid-western edition and east coast editions
AMN Health Care
ADVANCE Online 2/07
American Federation of Teachers Health Wires May 2007
American Federation of Teachers-On Campus
California Emergency Nurses Association Newsletter
Center for Nursing Advocacy February 2007
Democracy for America
Entrepreneur (on line December 2007)
Health In 30
Kentucky State Nursing Association Newsletter
Maryland State Nurses Association Newsletter
Medscape for Nurses February 2007
Missouri Nurses December 2007
National Black Nurses Association Newsletter
Nevada RNinformation May 2007, August 2007, October 2007
Nevada State Nurses Association Newsletter March 2007, November 2007
Nurse Practitioner Alternatives Inc.
Nurse Practitioner World News October 2007
Nursing Spectrum November 2007
Nurse Week-Philadelphia/Tri-State, Northwest, DC/MD/VA, New England (Nov/Dec 2007)
Nurse Zone May 2007 edition
Oncology Nurses Society SIG Newsletter March 2007
Oregon Student Nurses Association Newsletter- Sept. 2007
Policy, Politics, and Nursing Practice February 2007
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nurses Always a Nurse August 2007
Stressed Out Nurses
Travel Nursing
Virginia State Nursing Association Newsletter
West Virginia State Nursing Association November 2007 Newsletter
Working Nurse October 2007 California and Arizona issues

On TV and the Radio:
Broadcast presentations include:
January 4, 2007 NPR Affiliate KCLU in Santa Barbara, CA
May 29, 2007 National Video Conference
August 13, 2007 KPOJ Air America Thom Hartmann Show
August 17, 2007 WRCR AM 1300 Radio Health In 30
August 22, 2007 Clackamas County Cable TV

Happy holidays and may 2008 bring you and your family blessings of joy, health, and peace.

Alisa, Edie, Ruth, Susan, Teri, and Terri

The Gift of a Nurse

God took one pair of angel wings,
One halo heart of gold

Two eyes that hold compassion
For others young and old

Two hands to offer kindness,
Always putting others first

He wrapped it up
With tender care

And called this gift a "Nurse".
Author Unknown

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, December 20, 2007   Post only 

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Center to Champion Nursing Created

Pictured: Susan Sullivan making buttons to promote the campaign for an Office of the National Nurse

The Board of Directors of the National Nursing Network Organization commends the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/ and the AARP Foundation for their support and innovative efforts to call attention to the nation’s nursing needs. Their latest project, the Center to Champion Nursing in America, is designed to raise awareness of needs in nursing and elevate the visibility of the nursing shortage. These goals parallel the efforts of nurses who are striving to create the Office of the National Nurse. Visibility and prominence of the nursing profession is critical to securing continued support to meet the needs of the nursing profession and to strengthen our nation’s healthcare system.

Research shows that nurses are key to safe patient care. Based on ubiquitous presence of nurses in all communities and the high degree of trust bestowed on them, an adequate nursing workforce can also play a major role in PREVENTION, thus reducing both morbidity and costs. With symbolic leadership of a respected governmental nursing leader who is proclaimed the National Nurse, nurses nationwide will be motivated and sanctioned to begin leading a cultural shift to focus on preventive efforts in our healthcare delivery.

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, December 13, 2007   Post only 

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Florida Nurse Practitioner Network Supports Office of the National Nurse Initiative

Thank you to M. Christopher Saslo DNS ARNP BC and the Board of Directors of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network (FNPN) for endorsing the Office of the National Nurse initiative. The FNPN is a network representing over 9,000 Nurse Practitioners across all specialties and settings in Florida. Florida has the second highest population of NPs in the United States.

The Honorable Congresswoman Capps,

Please accept this letter on behalf of the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, representing over 9,000 nurse practitioners, to endorse your continued efforts in empowering nurses to increase the preventative care in this country. Your support to establish symbolic national nursing leadership for a new philosophy and cultural shift to prevention in US Healthcare is essential for our health care systems success.

We believe that re-titling the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS to become the “National Nurse” will provide the authority, impetus, and recognition needed nationally to promote prevention. In addition, we commend you for your efforts to help raise nursing’s visibility, provide guidance for state and local leadership in mobilization of volunteer nurses and to enhance prevention and improve health outcomes.

With the political climate being as challenging as it has been, it is good to recognize our mutual commitment to ensuring adequate health care for all individuals, and for the FNPN, our Floridians. Through the alliance between the various nursing organizations both nationally and throughout Florida that support advanced practice nursing, we will certainly be able to make positive changes.

We look forward to our continued partnership and dedication to moving ahead with ensuring all Nurse Practitioners and other Nursing professionals are able to practice with the full scope that their educational training and preparation has afforded them. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or needs that may rise.


M. Christopher Saslo DNS ARNP BC
President, Florida Nurse Practitioner Network

The National Nursing Network Organization Team—Thursday, December 06, 2007   Post only 

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